Protecting Your Eyes When Working with a Computer

Protecting Your Eyes When Working with a Computer

Your eyes are often considered the "windows to the soul," but sometimes, you have to use a computer for long hours to study or work, leading to eye strain. Prolonged eye strain can cause blurry vision, poor focusing and increased glasses prescription. So, how can you protect your eyes when using a computer? Let's explore some protective measures below with the American Eye Center.

Protecting Your Eyes When Working with a ComputerAdjust lighting protecting your eyes

Ensure your workspace has sufficient light, and reduce glare from the computer screen. Consider using an adjustable desk lamp to customize the lighting to your preference and needs.

Optimize screen position

Position the computer screen at eye level or slightly below to reduce eye strain. The screen should be about 20-28 inches (50-70 cm) away from your eyes.

Using Eyeglasses

If you experience eye fatigue or strain while working on the computer, consider using eyeglasses with blue light-blocking capabilities to protect your eyes from the computer screen. Your doctor can also adjust your regular glasses prescription to suit computer use and relieve eye strain.

Reduce screen light intensity

Reduce the brightness and blue light emissions from your computer screen, especially during nighttime work sessions

Regular eye check-ups

Schedule regular eye check-ups to monitor your eye health and seek professional advice on how to protect your eyes while working with a computer.

By following these measures, you can effectively safeguard your eyes and reduce the risk of experiencing computer-related eye strain and discomfort.

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