PRELEX is a fast, painless, effective and safe surgical procedure to improve your vision and eliminate the need for reading glasses as your eyes age.

PRELEX is for people who:

  • Want to be less dependent on glasses or contacts for distance and reading vision.
  • Are not candidate for LASIK due to age
  • May be showing signs of clouding in their natural lens, such as night glares, halos, and decreased contrast sensitivity
  • Have no health issues affecting their eyes. 


Aging and Dysfunctional Natural Lens 

PRELEX corrects vision permanently by treating the cause of the problem—the eye’s aging and dysfunctional natural lens which hardens and becomes cloudy over time. This process starts in your 40s as a gradual loss in near focus, causing frequent eye strain and headaches, leading to needing reading glasses or bifocals. Over time, your natural lens becomes harder and more cloudy, causing your glasses prescription to change frequently, and other symptoms appear such as night glare and halos as well as overall reduced clarity of your vision. At later stage, the lens of your eye has become cloudy enough that it is significantly impacting your vision, causing a cataract. 


Multifocal Lens Implant

PRELEX surgery replaces the dysfunctional natural lens with a clear, high-tech multifocal lens implant.  It not only corrects your glasses prescription – in most cases correcting both your distance vision and near vision – it also allows us to fix the clouding of the lens and provide a better quality of vision at the same time– typically for the rest of your life!*

This treatment also prevents any future development of cataracts, so there will be no need for an additional procedure when you are older.


What Option Is Best For Me?

To truly discover all the options available to correct your vision requires a thorough exam.  At American Eye Center, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine your vision status and will consult with you on all options available.