General Eye Care


A complete eye examination does more than determine how clearly you see from a distance and which lens prescription, if necessary, will give you the best possible vision. At the American Eye Center, your doctor will also run a number of tests to check the health and function of your entire eye.

Patient having eye check with Dr.Namtran

A complete eye examination may include many or all of these painless tests: 

  • A visual acuity test measures how well you can see 
  • A refraction test determines the correct prescription of your glasses 
  • Motility test checks your eye movements and alignment 
  • Color vision and 3-D vision testing may be done for occupational needs 
  • A visual field test checks your peripheral vision
  • Eye pressure measurement to screen for glaucoma
  • Slit-lamp microscope exam to examine the structures of the eye 
  • A retinal examination explores the back of your eye including the retina and optic nerve

Dilating eyedrops may be needed to widen your pupils for retinal examination. The eyedrops will make your eyes temporarily sensitive to light and difficult to focus for several hours. You may not be able to drive, but this is temporary and should resolve in several hours.