"You have my nomination too for ophthalmologist of the year! My eyesight has never been better."

"Your technique is outstanding!"

"Substantial cost savings"

"One of the best eye surgeons, not only in Vietnam, but in the world"


While the choice of a high-standard hospital or clinic for cataract surgery in Vietnam is limited, I am grateful that I have found you and your American Eye Center (AEC). You put me at ease with your excellent communication skills: explaining clearly, answering all questions, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Not only you explained the medical terms in a simple way (which is important for me as English is my second language) but also you did spend time to listen carefully to me and to discuss all options I had. I felt strongly that I made decisions together with you and not just followed "the doctor's decision". In this busy life, not many doctors will treat the patient in such a way, I believe.


Moreover, your technique is outstanding and I said that based on more than fifty years of experience on eye examinations. I found my ophthalmologist and you can trust that you will see me again whenever I need a check for my eyes. Last but not least, my thanks to your staff at AEC for their hospitality and professional service. I wish you and the AEC all success.


Fred van den Bosch

Nha Trang - Khánh Hoà





Could you PLEASE relay to Dr Nam Tran and her entire staff my most sincere appreciation of the cheerful, competent, dedicated and thoroughly professional services relating to my eye surgery.  In particular I wish to thank Dr Nam Tran for her dedication beyond the expected in  arranging my surgery so quickly and on her non operating day and attending to my follow up consult on a Saturday when I was her only patient to see.


This degree of care and professionalism is sadly lacking in our own medical fraternity in Australia (sadly). This  kind attention coupled with the substantial cost savings involved in having the procedure performed in Vietnam  with absolute confidence is a credit to you. Please forward this email to the relevant people concerned by way of my expressing my sincere personal gratitude.   


Evert Metz





Dear Dr Pham,

Many thanks for another successful cataract operation, my first and first time in an operating theatre.

I feel blessed and refreshed to have met you via Dr Kerry Hagen’s recommendation.  From the outset you, your staff, and clinic put me at ease, with all explanations seamlessly delivered, before I needed to ask. I am in awe of your skills, your manner and understanding. Plus, I appreciate you fitting me in at short notice and the way everything appeared to flow effortlessly. 

You have my nomination too for Ophthalmologist of the Year! My eyesight has never been better.

So staying out of the surf for a month is a small price to pay!


Best wishes,

Julia Shaw

National Sailing Coach, Vietnam





Dr. Namtran H. Pham, M.D., an American Board-certified ophthalmologist, is the Medical Director of the American Eye Center in Vietnam.

I personally can recommend her as one of the Best eye surgeons, not only in Vietnam, but in the World. When I began to lose sight in both eyes and needed surgery, I could have chosen to have it done anywhere in any country. I chose Dr. Namtran to perform the surgery here in Vietnam, and I am delighted with the results.


Dr. Wade Brackenbury, D.C. 

American Chiropractic Clinic 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam





After I was diagnosed with a severe cataract in my right eye by an opthamologist in another clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr Nam Tran Pham of the American Eye Center was recommended to me as the surgeon of choice to remove the cataract. I think that nobody is comfortable with the idea of eye surgery. But I can honestly say that after meeting Dr. Pham for the first examination I felt absolutely certain that the operation would go well. The operation was scheduled for one week after our first meeting. Her manner of communication about the procedure before starting the operation removed any last worries that I had. The operation was a complete success. The eye that was blind before the operation now has the same vision it had 30 years ago.


Colm Minogue

Ho Chi Minh City 




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