Why is my eyelid twitching​

If you have ever had an eyelid twitch for an extended period of time, you know how annoying it is. It comes on suddenly, and can last for a minute, hours, days or even longer. Most common eyelid twitches are harmless and do not affect your vision.


However, there are some rare neurological problems that can make eyelid muscles contract, making it hard to open the eye, or affect the face muscles.


Here are some steps you can take to make it go away:

Get some sleep

- Eyelid twitches often happen to people when they are overly tired.

Reduce stress and screen time

- Being under stress and eye strain can cause eyelid twitching.

Cut back on caffeine

- As a stimulant, caffeine can cause eyelid spasms.

“Moisturize” the eyes

- In some cases, having dry irritated eyes can lead to eyelid spasms.


If these methods do not help, see your eye doctor.

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