What is Cataract?

Cataracts are a common disease among older people. The disease causes many inconveniences for patients because it affects the eyesight. Cataracts can be treated with surgery.

However, we can still prevent and limit the risk of cataracts without having to wait until the disease is treated.

One of the leading causes of cataracts is protein depletion, increased water intake, and lack of oxygen.

As we get older, the lens age over time, so most people with cataracts are over the age of 50.

Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, nearsightedness, eye damage, exposure to UV rays, environmental toxins, smoke (tobacco, dust, pollution ...), viruses, poor nutrition ... will damage the protein content of cataracts, which deplete proteins and lead to cataracts.


Diet actively contributes to limiting cataract formation. A healthy liver, a diet rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta carotene will provide antioxidants to help brighten eyes and prevent cataracts. These substances contain many in avocado, salmon, carot, gac, broccoli, walnuts, green tea, orange - lemon, eggs, fish liver oil, ...


The signs of cataract

1/ Eyesight becomes blurry like fog in front of eyes.

2/ Light through the lens is scattered, so when looking at one image, it becomes two images

3/ Color vision is no longer correct (ex: red will look like orange ..).

4/ Difficult to read books because the cloudy lens makes the eyes look blurry and painful when reading.

5/ Sensitive to strong light such as headlights, decreased night vision.

6/ The pupil of the cataract patient will not be black or brown but will be yellow or milky white.


How to prevent cataracts

- Wear sunglasses when going out to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays and avoid insects and foreign objects in the eyes.

- Work and read in a well-lit place. Should rest your eyes after using the phone, computer, TV for 30 minutes by looking at a distance, blinking 3-4 times.

- Doctors recommend that each individual should have a general eye exam at least once a year for early detection and prompt treatment of cataracts or other eye conditions.

- It is important to limit beer, alcohol and tobacco - it is an indirect agent that causes cataracts and many other conditions.

- Limit the use of devices such as phones, tablets, ... Increase mobility, exercise, sports.

- Add green vegetables, fruits (avocado, carot, gac, broccoli, walnuts, green tea, oranges - lemons ...), salmon and eggs to your meal.

- Take an Omega - 3 supplement every day.

- For patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, other eye problems or a family history of cataracts, they need regular eye exams to monitor and have timely solutions for treatment complications affecting the eyes.


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