In today’s multitasking, info-overloaded world, it’s increasingly common for many of us to work on computer screens for hours, send text messages to friends and then relax by watching YouTube videos. It’s no surprise then that our eyes are often stressed to the point of exhaustion. Focusing on small digital screens, one to three feet away for long periods of time can cause blurred vision, headaches and discomfort as the eye’s internal lens accommodates to maintain focus at these distances. The above also occurs during the development of early presbyopia when the eye is struggling to maintain accommodative effort.


Fortunately, several manufacturers have recently developed specialized lenses to help us perform these types of near and intermediate visual tasks. The new products, known as relaxing/anti-fatigue or R/AF lenses, offer patients relief from digitally induced eyestrain and other visual stress by relaxing the accommodative “effort” the eye naturally performs during these activities


R/AF lenses are worn for many near and intermediate visual tasks, not just computer use. These are occupational and recreational lenses that are suitable for any activity that involves accommodating for near. It can also be used to help first-time moderate hyperopes and pre-presbyopes to be accustomed to their new refractive state.


AF lenses are available in several designs including single vision, “office” progressives and full-range progressives, and can be prescribed for presbyopes, pre-presbyopes and children.




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